Monday, September 9, 2013

Thor The Dark World 2013 (Eng) [DVDRip] x264 Torrent Download

Thor (2011)

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Thor torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston

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Thor is a powerful but arrogant god, is that they are one of the best defenders of Midgard (Earth), banished from Asgard to live among the people.
This artwork release Marvel, which is filled with clichés? and predictability ... point.I was a slave to many scenes of heroism and Teresa certain stench of pure Cheetos fanboyism painted many scenes in the generation of Eral, with over-the-top glory of the usual old stuff trope.But colors caught my attention, and done.First, Asgard is absolutely beautiful. They put the bag with the field of metals and elemental grandeur. I did not have any problems buying what the kingdom of Asgard, the ultimate land of great heroism. In particular, the rainbow bridge, armament, and interior scenes are very suitable in the general style and specific details. Very visually striking and even thematically.Second, Branaghs touch can be seen with a Shakespearean talent in the family All-Father Odin. Odin himself as crowded as the Ice Age and wisdom that comes with it, and yet his voice can immediately call a terrible power. Hopkins does well with this balance, even through scripting.And brake brothers ... sibling rivalry is very powerful that it has the necessary qualifications and be fully implemented by two actors. There is love there, but misunderstanding, jealousy and hatred. Loki is far from a bad board, what we see, all in one package - a fighter who protects his allies, honest advice, a liar, a careful thinker plain language and awkward. He loves and respects his father, but almost fatally doubt him and even hate ... but it is very real and very stirring. And even if it is clear that he is actually a very dark business, you can understand and accept his motivation ... and the last scene in the film brings three men from a family together in a very poignant moment loss.I Total was quite surprised, as the movement is everything, especially when it's in the middle of some otherwise boring pablem.So-hero, as a whole, this film she met with its negative expectation of disappointment and surprised me with a purely mobile content. Check to see if it surprises you at all well, and forget all the comic book hero thing, because it made far better.thanks to read.

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